Week 2 Grocery List

I did go a little over my normal budget this week. I will have to cancel that out by spending less next week but Aldi just had some great deals. They had tons of discounted chicken so I stocked up on enough to last us for a couple weeks. They also had bacon for 1.74$ a pound! That will be perfect to add to some dishes to give it a little more flavor.
 also wanted to mention, I had a couple lemons that needed used up before they went bad. I didn’t really have anything that needed lemons so I squeezed out all the juices (and the lemon zest) into an ice cube tray and froze it. Now I have these little lemon pucks that are perfect for when a dish or marinade need a little extra something.


Meal prep and what we have eaten so far…

So far this week we have had the following… (Dinners are usually eaten at work as we both work through dinnertime.)
Lunch – Pulled pork and rice with corn. Cost was 5$ for this for two people
Dinner – Pulled pork and rice with winter blend vegetables. This also cost 5$ for two people.
Gyro and flat bread with tzatziki sauce. Estimated cost for this was 8$ but it has lasted us through 3 meals. The meats I actually bought a couple months ago on sale and froze. I did include them in my estimated cost though.
Pizza Night! The pizza dough costs us roughly 0.75$ per pizza and we made 4 pizzas. We used some of the leftover gyro meat on two pizzas and also the pulled pork. With toppings each pizza cost us about 3-4$. We pretty much just ate two pizzas through the course of the day for all meals.
Breakfast consisted of a strawberry smoothie (0.50$) and banana (0.25$) for myself and cereal (1$) for my fiance.
Lunch was leftover slices of pizza (3$) and then some PB&J sandwiches (2$). I make my own strawberry jam for these so they cost hardly anything and are delicious.
Dinner consisted of leftover pizza.
Lunch was a Chicken Satay served with rice and a frozen cauliflower and broccoli. I had 2 slices of pizza leftover that will be my breakfast before work and my fiance finished off the cereal.
I did sort of splurge for myself for dinner this day, it was Halloween and I used a bit of my spending money to get something out. My fiance ended up getting treated out to dinner by a coworker.
Lunches at work was more leftover Chicken Satay (absolutely delicious). Dinner for myself was a peanut butter jelly and my Fiance went out to eat. Every Sunday he goes out to Panera with friends.
We had beef stew for lunches and dinner. I did make up some homemade rolls to go alongside this as well.

Week 1

Here is what we bought for the current week. Keep in mind that we have also built up a large stock pile of supplies (via leftover money) that are part of this weeks meal as well. The meal plan for this week is Chicken Satay, Gyros, Turkey Chili, Beef stew, and Spanish pork. Breakfast is steel cut oats and Raisin Bran. Neither of us really eat a big breakfast. Lunches will be leftovers.

First week of groceries
First week of groceries

The produce I bought at Baugher’s was a head of cabbage, a couple bananas, and a lime.